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Freuqently asked questions

We would like to provide you with answers to questions that are frequently asked, and we hope that your question will also be satisfactorily answered. If not, we are of course also available to assist you personally.


Is it possible to visit the Atta Cave with a wheelchair, walker , or a baby carriage?

No, unfortunately not. The tour through the cave involves several steps and some areas that are too narrow for passage with a wheelchair, walker or a baby carriage.

Am I allowed to take photographs in the cave?

No. Due to licensing reasons, photography is not allowed in the entire cave.

Can I bring my dog into the cave?

No. Pets are not allowed inside the cave.


Can I smoke in the cave?

No. Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the cave.

When do the guided tours start, and how long does the visit last?

Guided tours start at least every 15 minutes during regular opening hours. If there is a high number of visitors, tours will start at shorter intervals. A tour of the cave lasts approximately 40 minutes. 

Please note that the temperature inside the Atta Cave remains constant at 9°C.

Are guided tours possible outside of the regular opening hours?

Yes. During and outside of regular opening hours, we offer VIP tours until 8:00 PM. The maximum number of participants for a VIP tour is 30 people, and it costs a flat fee of 360.00 EUR. Now also including Atta cheese, bread, and red wine as a snack in the cave for an additional 13.50 EUR per person. Prior registration is mandatory.

Is the entire cave accessible for visitation?

The total length of the Atta Cave measures 6,670 meters, of which approximately 1,800 meters are accessible to the public. Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit the entire cave. Full exploration would be too dangerous.

How to reach the Atta Cave best?

You can easily reach the Atta Cave by public transportation, tour buses, or private cars. There are ample parking spaces available right in front of the cave. You can find detailed directions here.

What options does the Atta Cave offer for group travelers?

Choose from our wide range of combination programs or receive individual advice from our experts.