Excursion trips to the Atta cave

An excursion trip to the Atta cave is without doubt an experience that everyone who participates will remember with pleasure for a long time. And to make sure that your physical well-being is well taken care of, we offer our popular excursion menu for groups of 10 or more people.

Special offer for groups of 10 or more:

Combine a meal chosen among our gastronomical offer and a visit of the Atta cave and take advantage of a discount (booking necessary).


Price per Person
Breakfast platter / evening plate
+ visit to the Atta cave
16.50 €
Dinner or lunch with dessert
+ visit to the Atta cave
21.00 €
Afternoon buffet
+ visit to the Atta cave
28.00 €


Menu for excursion trips 2018:


Price per Person
from 8.30 – 10.00 a.m.

Breakfast platter:
3 half sandwiches (sausage, cheese, ham), boiled egg and 1 coffee, tea or chocolate

9.50 €

Breakfast buffet:
with sparkling wine or orange juice, roll, choice of bread, butter, boiled egg, scrambled egg, ham and cold cuts, cheese, marmalade, honey, quark and yoghurt, muesli, fruit, coffee, tea or chocolate
24.00 €


Midday / evening

Price per Person
  1. Viennese pork schnitzel, gypsy or mushroom and cream sauce, fries, salad and dessert
  2. Pork cordon bleu filled with Atta-cheese and ham, pan-fried vegetables and croquettes, dessert
  3. Pork steak with mushroom and cream sauce, potato croquettes, salad and dessert
  4. Venison with wild mushroom sauce, pear with lingonberry, potatoe dumplings and salad, dessert
  5. Chickenbreast with curry fruit sauce, croquettes and salad, dessert
  6. Beef goulash with potatoe dumplings and salad, dessert
  7. Butter trout with almond butter, boiled potatoes, salad and dessert
  8. Mixed salad with Atta cheese and bread, dessert

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14.90 € per dish

Soups as additional item:Price per Person

Meat broth with marrow dumplings

3.80 €
Tomato cream soup
3.80 €
In addition in the eveningPrice per Person

with cheese / cold roast knochenschinken and remoulade/homemade sausage

9.50 €



Price per Person

Cold cuts platter
with sausage, cheese and ham, garnished with eggs, cucumbers and tomatoes bread basket, butter and unlimited tea or coffee

11.50 €



Price per Person

Afternoon snack
1 piece of fruit cake with cream, 1 piece of sand cake
pot of coffee/tea/chocolate

9.50 €

Afternoon buffet
Bergische Kaffeetafel: Butter rolls with raisins, brown and rye bread, honey and apple butter, butter, quark and cheese, sausage and ham Milk rice with sugar and cinnamon, butter waffles with morello cherries tea or coffee all unlimited and a cave schnapps to finish
24.00 €